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24 Aug 2013

For first time travelers like ourselves in Hanoi, we found food tour a great way to experience real “local” distinctness of Vietnamese cuisine and explore the Old Quarter. If you have not had any specific plan, a street food tour is definitely a fun way to get under the skin of Vietnamese life and try things you wouldn’t usually try. We booked a food tour with Eviva, and this was one of the highlights of our stay in Hanoi and Vietnam

Eviva is an awesome Vietnamese tour company I also highly recommend. They will tailor-make your visit to whatever interests you. They asked if we would like a certain type of food in order to pre-set the stops that suitable for us and if anything in their recommended “menu” we...

24 Aug 2013

My friend, a tour expert of Eviva Tour Viet Nam said that in the fall-winter season in Viet Nam is affected by hurricanes and tropical low pressure causing constant rain in the Central area where there are located many beautiful beaches and tourist spots. Therefore, he recommended me to head to the North for a leisure break in this most poetic of seasons. And Hanoi is my first visit in the North.
Hundreds of songs and poems have been written to praise Hanoi in autumn for its exceptional charm. It is said that between September and November is the best time to discover Vietnam, especially Hanoi. During this time the weather is cool, midlely sunny with a gentle breeze that makes everyone much more active after the...

24 Aug 2013

In Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular, motorbike is the most popular kind of transport. You will be very surprised to see millions of motorbike on the road every day. In Vietnam, the high quality transport such as car, subway train has not really developed so motorbike is the best option that many Vietnamese choose. When you travel to Vietnam, you should spend time with motorbike.

Motorbike is indispensable to most people in Vietnam; they ride motorbike to go to work, going out, shopping and many other activities. Since motorbike has become popular, the new transport service for citizen and tourist also appeared, it is motorbike taxi.

People use motorbike taxi when they do not have enough money for a taxi,...

13 Aug 2013

The Earth today is facing a lot of problems and one of the problems is environmental pollution. There are many causes of environmental pollution and tourism is also a cause of this problem. In the world of tourism, transportation also creates negative impacts to the environment. With an developing country like Vietnam, this effect becomes a real big problem. However, these days if you have a look around Hanoi and in the area of Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarter, there is one means of transportation has appeared which can minimize the impact to the environment. That is “Electric Car”.

Electric Caris a means of transport can be seen in many countries, in tourism, this is not really familiar, especially in Vietnam....