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16 Sep 2013
As a young person I love exploring new areas, new culture and travel helps me accomplish that desire. I have traveled a lot, especially in Asia, but the city impressed me the most was Saigon. I also love Hanoi and other places in Vietnam but Saigon was the city attracted me the most. Saigon is the center of economy, tourism, culture of Vietnam like Hanoi, but this city is even more vibrant, dynamic and exciting, those things really attracts young people like me.
I started my journey from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay and Da Nang. After nearly 2 hours on the plane, I arrived Saigon from Da Nang. When I arrived the airport I felt a great energy from this city.
Before coming to Saigon I had been told about the development and...

16 Sep 2013
Ho Chi Minh City, also called Saigon is one of my favourite cities in Vietnam. This is an amazing city of which everything belongs to, from people; traffic and lifestyle, etc. are all full of energy and vitality. Thanks to the support of Eviva Tour, I have had a nice trip and discovered the hidden beauty of the city. The beauty of Ho Chi Minh City is the mixture of French colonial architecture and wide boulevards with the charming of ancient Buddhist temples and pagodas. The contrast between the old and the new can be easily realized.

There are many high modern buildings but there are also many places and buildings from earlier eras that are well preserved and worth visiting which bring us the feeling like Vietnam War...

16 Sep 2013
In 2010, my life passed with many shocks. It seemed that I could not overcome, but my friends suggested me to go travel to somewhere far away from home. After many times of finding out a suitable place to relax, I decided to go to Da Lat, Vietnam.
Even it was completely a new place to me; I received many advices from professional tour operators in Vietnam, like Eviva Tour Vietnam, Saigontourist, Exotissimo, Dan Viet Travel, etc. Among these advices, I found that Eviva Tour Vietnam understands my feeling the most to help me get away from shocks in my daily life by an enjoyable and memorable tour. Now see what I got after the trip in Da Lat, my dear friends.
This city was really beautiful with the streets carpeted with...

16 Sep 2013
Vietnam is a beautiful country, and I had a chance to experience it in my recent trip. There are many places in Vietnam made me impressed but maybe the best place was Da Nang City. This city really attracted me by its peace and beauty.

Before coming to Da Nang, I spent 2 days in Hanoi. After 2 days in Hanoi, I wished to go to a place where I can rest and for 2 hours sitting on the plane I arrived where I needed to be. The airports in this city was not really big and modern as in Hanoi but it did not affect me too much. On the way from the airport to the resort I was surprised with what I saw. Da Nang City is very peaceful, not noisy and vibrant like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The streets here are very clean, very...

16 Sep 2013
We were lucky to set foot in the land of Ninh Binh when we checked travel information through Eviva Tour Company’s website ( We immediately decided to book tour to this land, and after the trip we want to share with you about this famous land.

The giant elephant, undulating dragons on the river and the galloping horses all turn this place into a kingdom majesty and poem. That is the land of Ninh Binh.

The distance is only 90 km far from Hanoi, but when coming here, visitors cannot help thinking they are lost in the land of fairy fossil and the myths about the hometown of Emperor Dinh Tien Hoang.

Visiting Trang An - Tam Coc - Bich Dong, you could be overwhelmed by its beauty. Winding roads which...

16 Sep 2013
In our daily life, there are many problems for us to solve, and they are not always easy. Sometimes we get tired of thinking too much to find out solution or have no idea what to do next or just feel sad and bored for no reason. Take the list below then find a place to go. I have had chances to travel to many countries. After all, I think that coming to a new place, living in a different environment, you can forget all bad things, just chill and find out the best solution. Here is a list of top 9 ideal places in the world to visit.

1.    If you love food and feel happy whenever you eat tasty dishes, let’s take a trip to Tokyo. Usukifugu Yamadaya Araki, Hamadaya and 7chome Kyoboshi have all been recently awarded the...

16 Sep 2013
On my stopover way of traveling, there are places whose bewitching charm makes me regret when left by the bewitching charm of it. Sapa is a place like that.
Sapa was the second destination of Vietnam after Ha Long Bay during my trip 2 years ago with my Vietnamese friend who was working in a travel agency named Eviva Tour. She has much experience on tour and hence, I had a terrific trip and was totally attracted by Sapa natural beauty.
I visited Sapa in the autumn of September and saw such marvelous rice paddies, yellow terrace fields, which have become a hot theme for photographers. Could not use any word to describe the beauty and how I felt at that time; just spoke “WOWW…” It is totally deserved in the list of top...

24 Aug 2013

I am Austrian and I am also a travelholic. Whenever I have free time, I travel to different countries in different continents, and try to go to as many countries as possible. Last month was my summer holiday, and the destination was Vietnam.


To prepare for the trip, I searched the Internet for information about Vietnam visa, air tickets, hotel reservations, tours and some basic things. I chose a famous travel company in Vietnam named “Eviva” and the service was really good. They prepared everything for me and my trip to Vietnam was perfect.

When I reached Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, I spent two day wandering around Hanoi by cyclo. I went to many famous places such as Hoan Kiem Lake, the Old Quarter, Ho Chi Minh’s...

24 Aug 2013
My wife and I had a wonderful wedding 5 months ago and together we also spent honeymoon in amazing Sapa. We argued a lot to pick a place for our honeymoon. There were so many couples choosing beaches or luxury resorts for their honeymoon but we were completely different and decided to choose Sapa. Sapa is where a lot of mountains and great weather found, the temperature ranges from 15 to 18 degrees Celsius. Many people look for the comfort and pleasant stay in their honeymoon but we also wanted to have experiences and to discover new facts in our trip even though it could be dangerous. If you have the same thought as ours, Sapa is a great choice. Sapa is a frontier town and capital of Sapa District in Lao Cai province...

24 Aug 2013

For first time travelers like ourselves in Hanoi, we found food tour a great way to experience real “local” distinctness of Vietnamese cuisine and explore the Old Quarter. If you have not had any specific plan, a street food tour is definitely a fun way to get under the skin of Vietnamese life and try things you wouldn’t usually try. We booked a food tour with Eviva, and this was one of the highlights of our stay in Hanoi and Vietnam

Eviva is an awesome Vietnamese tour company I also highly recommend. They will tailor-make your visit to whatever interests you. They asked if we would like a certain type of food in order to pre-set the stops that suitable for us and if anything in their recommended “menu” we...