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20 Aug 2013


It is not the same practice in Laos or Cambodia as in Vietnam, applying visa to Vietnam is required before going to Vietnam. Many foreigners are confused with this simple fact which leads to many big problems when entering Viet Nam. I myself got an unforgettable experience when landing to Noi Bai airport without visa. However, luckily I was advised by an online visa consultant agent named  and got my visa within a very short time.

For some reasons, you forget to find out whether Vietnam Government requirement of visa before coming. This omission caused a lot of problems as followings:

1/ Cost much for flight tickets:

+ Some airlines do not check for visa before you get on board, so you ...

20 Aug 2013
Vietnam Airlines is the only airline which offers direct flight from Hanoi to London without transiting in a third country. Thus, it only takes about 12 hours in comparison with 15 to 19 hours journey if you travel with Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways or Qatar Airlines. Shorter travelling time helps passengers, especially elders and children less tired and reduces the possibility of leg swelling.
Service was provided in flight at acceptable standard. Breakfast was served one hour after taking off. Cabin crew did their jobs well at meal and drinks time. They were friendly and provide extra food on request. The food was fine with two choices at each meal. The staffs came around and ask to refill drink constantly. However,...

20 Aug 2013

When traveling to other countries what attracts visitors is cuisine. Northern Vietnam cuisine is known for its old, origin and unique. Visiting this place and enjoy the cuisine here will be an unforgettable memory for tourists.

Northern Vietnam Cuisine is different from food in Southern and Central of Vietnam. However Cuisine in the North still has some basic principles of Vietnamese cuisine:

- Diversity: You’ll never get bored while enjoying Northern Vietnam cuisine because it has a lot of dishes and prepared and cooked in many different ways.

- Less fat: If you do not like oily fatty food which is not good for health, Northern Vietnam cuisine is suitable for you.

- Variety of flavors: Northern Vietnam cuisine is a...

20 Aug 2013
This article is written to guide you how to get the Viet Nam visa basing on my experience. I usually fly to Viet Nam 6-7 times per year for my business and I choose visa on arrival service because of its convenience. The following steps are the general picture for who has not used this service.


It is wrong to think that no visa documents are required to handle before the departure and can get the Vietnam visa on arrival easily upon the arrival like Laos or Cambodia. This misunderstanding might lead you to be not allowed to get on board and miss the flight. It is better to apply the visa online at least 2 working days and get the visa...

20 Aug 2013

Nowadays, Laos Government has open door policy for tourists and getting Lao visas is much easier than before. Beside the traditional way to get the visa at Embassy or Consulates, travelers can now apply visa upon arrival at three international airports in Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse, and at various land borders with other neighbor countries (Thailand, Vietnam and China).

The former way is sometimes more preferred sine visa is all set and no worry upon arrival. It saves time from long queue at the airport, especially during holidays. To get Lao visa before arrival, contact the nearest Embassy/Consulate in your country for the procedure and the fees.

Tourist visa on arrival is normally valid for 30 days. The...

20 Aug 2013

As many countries in intergration path, Cambodia Government has opened Regulations on visa to foreigners. Except some countries which are within visa exemption frame such as Indonesia, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, visa to Cambodia is required. You can get a visa to Cambodia by two ways, one is from Embassy of Cambodia, second is to obtain Cambodian visa upon arrival. Statistics show that travelers more and more prefer visa on arrival because of its convenience and ease.

Instead of wasting time going to the Embassy twice, all your job is bring your passport that has validity at least 6 months, 01 passport sized photo and a completed application form to Cambodia airports/borders. There are...

13 Aug 2013

When mentioning Ho Chi Minh City (Sai Gon is the former name), we talk about a city of youthful, dynamicity and speedy growth. What hides behind the beauty is architecture, loving human characteristics and diversed regional cuisine.

Walking through the streets, watching the ancient beauty in architecture of Saigon City Hall – where the City People’s Committee, majestic beauty of the museum, modern of the Reunification Palace, the bustling Ben Thanh Market and natural beauty of Turtle Lake – visitors will go from surprise to surprise in front of the vast and unique world.

Moreover, the architectural beauty of the temples, pagodas, shrines diverse, multi-colors make the specific ancient definition of this young ...

13 Aug 2013

The Earth today is facing a lot of problems and one of the problems is environmental pollution. There are many causes of environmental pollution and tourism is also a cause of this problem. In the world of tourism, transportation also creates negative impacts to the environment. With an developing country like Vietnam, this effect becomes a real big problem. However, these days if you have a look around Hanoi and in the area of Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarter, there is one means of transportation has appeared which can minimize the impact to the environment. That is “Electric Car”.

Electric Caris a means of transport can be seen in many countries, in tourism, this is not really familiar, especially in Vietnam....

13 Aug 2013

You are on the go to apply Vietnam visa on arrival to enjoy all its benefits? If yes, kindly take a look at the points listed below to avoid some common problems:

1. If you go to Vietnam via land or sea border, Vietnam visa on arrival is not available as it works for traveling by air only. Therefore, provided that you DO NOT go to Vietnam by airplane, getting visa in advance from Vietnam Embassy or Consulate is the best solution for you.

2. The visa validity is widely misunderstood to start from the date you enter Vietnam, you do not have to enter Vietnam on the date you provide in the visa application. In caseyou enter Vietnam later than your visa validity, it is definitely accepted. However, if you travel Vietnam...

13 Aug 2013

Arcadia is a small but beautiful 3-star resort in Phu Quoc. It is located right on the beach with elegant design of pathway, bungalow and garden.

Arcadia Resort Arcadia Resort in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

The strong points:

- The view from rooms is fantastic. The bungalows are right in the white-sand beach and there are windows all around, so you can see all of the beautiful scenery.

- Spacious palm garden with shadow near the beach.

- The location is great, right on the beach and not too far from Duong Dong centre. It only takes 15 minutes to drive to Phu Quoc airport and about 7 minutes to drive to local night market.

- Staff is very friendly and helpful. Receptionist is professional. The resort has staff to clean grass and beach areas daily. Staffs are willing to take care of...