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16 Sep 2013
As a young person I love exploring new areas, new culture and travel helps me accomplish that desire. I have traveled a lot, especially in Asia, but the city impressed me the most was Saigon. I also love Hanoi and other places in Vietnam but Saigon was the city attracted me the most. Saigon is the center of economy, tourism, culture of Vietnam like Hanoi, but this city is even more vibrant, dynamic and exciting, those things really attracts young people like me.
I started my journey from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay and Da Nang. After nearly 2 hours on the plane, I arrived Saigon from Da Nang. When I arrived the airport I felt a great energy from this city.
Before coming to Saigon I had been told about the development and dynamism of this city, but I was still quite surprised by the development of this city. Saigon is not developed and modern as other cities I've ever been to, but it still gave me great emotions.
The weather here was quite hot, sometimes rainy, but that did not decrease my interest to explore this city. I'm the type who likes to communicate and make friends and I always try to make friends with people wherever I travel to. When talking to people in Saigon, I found out that they have hospitality, friendliness, and always open. This made me feel very comfortable and happy.
I love discovering cuisine and delicious food around the world and in Saigon also. That is thing I cannot ignore. Dishes here are rich, diverse and especially good for health. Those who pushed cart on the streets selling street foods which were very tasty attracted me a lot and made me feel very excited. Foods in Saigon quite spicy and sweet, but they were still very tasty.
Everyone who has been to this city has to agree that this is a very vibrant and active city. The reasons are first people here always races against time, never let them self-relaxed. Streets are always crowded, bustling but not losing organization. The restaurants, entertainment centrals, public events taking place all day, even at night. Sources of energy from this city seem to never run out. For me and many other travelers, this is wonderful.
Saigon is where I made many friends from different countries. In Saigon, there is one street just for foreigner. It is home for so many entertainment activities. That was a great place to make friends and interact with people from different countries.
In Saigon, there are many hotels with many levels of standard from moderate to luxury; there are many domestic flights and many international flights from Tan Son Nhat International Airport. All things were even easier with good quality of service which I have received from Eviva Tour Vietnam. I had the memorable day in Vietnam with the help of this company.
I still have a lot of things that I want to talk about Saigon but it gonna be great if you travel to that city to have such a great experience that I had.



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