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16 Sep 2013
In our daily life, there are many problems for us to solve, and they are not always easy. Sometimes we get tired of thinking too much to find out solution or have no idea what to do next or just feel sad and bored for no reason. Take the list below then find a place to go. I have had chances to travel to many countries. After all, I think that coming to a new place, living in a different environment, you can forget all bad things, just chill and find out the best solution. Here is a list of top 9 ideal places in the world to visit.

1.    If you love food and feel happy whenever you eat tasty dishes, let’s take a trip to Tokyo. Usukifugu Yamadaya Araki, Hamadaya and 7chome Kyoboshi have all been recently awarded the coveted three-Michelin-star accolade bringing the city's total three-star eateries to 14. Beautifully decorated and deliciously cooked, Japanese cuisines make you forget all worries and just eat with the best feeling. I’m a food lover. I came there last year with my family, had chance to try the best food ever. Since then I go to Japanese restaurant at least once a month.

2.    People like chocolate. It contains phenylephylamine which is the same hormone the brain triggers when you fall in love. If chocolate is also your favourite food, you can visit Zurich, the heart of chocolate production in Switzerland. The Swiss consume more chocolate than people from anywhere else in the world. They are happy, then why don’t you come there and see how chocolate makes lives become wonderful?

3.    If shopping is the key to your happiness then visit Newyork. Newyork is famous for many great department stores such as Bloomingdales, Macy's and Barneys. There are also many unique boutiques and fabulous flea markets for people following the vintage style. While I was in Newyork I bought a lots clothes and accessories.

4.    Laughter is the best medicine. You can go to England to laugh with UK’s top comedians. The Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival (17th March - 10th April 2011) is the largest festival of all its kind in Europe.

5.    Do you know that serotonin, the 'happy' hormone in our body, is stronger when you are on a great sunshine day? With more than 300 days the sun shining, the Canary Islands are the perfect place to sunbathe and erase the sadness.

6.    Giving can bring happiness. Let’s do volunteer! There are many kinds of volunteer work, you may choose teaching English in Thailand. Thailand is also known as the land of smiles. The people are very hospitable, sociable and happy.

7.    Officially the richest country in the world, the people in Luxumbourg should be pretty happy. The tiny European country also holds the world record for the most alcohol consumption in the world. Live a luxury life in a week can take us

8.    One of the world's highest average life expectancy rates of 81.2 years is Australia, which has wonderful climate and an incredible outdoors lifestyle. Wait no more, come enjoy life the Aussie way.

9.    The last destination is Vietnam. I love the culture there, diverse and unique. Last month, I booked a tour with, a travel agency in Vietnam, stayed for about 5 days in Vietnam. What I love the most about tradition is the Water Puppetry. I came to Thang Long Water Puppet theatre in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, and I really liked the way they make up historic stories with many beautiful puppets. The puppets are very carefully made, beautiful, and colourful. Come to Vietnam and experience the rich culture, believe me, you won’t never regret.


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